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Graphic Designer, but focused on the area of digital prepress on printing systems as Lithograph, Flexo, Rotogravure and DryOffset, areas in which already have 23 years experience.

I started as a student in 1984, there were no software for computer design, so that everything was done manually, an art form.

With the advent of software for the printing industry, our work began to be less hard, we give thanks to God and the geniuses  for this ..! Some of you knew the Illustrator in its version 3 and Photoshop in its version 2.5 ? That wonderful thing back then.

I mainly work on a Mac platform but PC is not indifferent to me.

Another hobby is music,  I like to interpret bass, guitar and sing, nothing out of this world. I’m model 60, so my favorite music is
70’s classic Rock  kind of Deep Purple, Boston , Led Zeppelin, I adore the music of the Beatles which I also like to interpret as a hobby,  I like English so much, a language which I find delicious.

I am currently a member of a quartet here in my city of Cali with my brother and 2 more friends with whom we have specialized in interpreting the traditional Cuban music.


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  • Necklace Holder ·: i like to always sing on karaoke bars because it is very exciting to sing in front of many people _
  • Marizmendi: Sharon Unfortunately, I dont have more karaoke songs from this artist, this is the only one I have, but a I have tons or more karaoke songs for other
  • Sharon: I am trying to find Karaoke tracks for several Gerry Rafferty songs and of course am willing to pay for them. Other song's I'm looking for are from t


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