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This is a present for Photoshop 20th anniversary: a video made with Photoshop 1.0.7!!! by Giovanni Antico
He was able to run Photoshop 1.0.7 on a Mac System 6.0.8, emulated via Mini vMac.


pCon.planner – get inspired.
Professional design and visualization of interior concepts for everyone

The pCon.planner is a cost-free application allowing you to comfortably and professionally create complex furnishing concepts and to visualize them in a photo-realistic quality.

No matter if you are an interior designer completing an office building, or a facility manager planning to relocate a department, or whether you just want to buy a new table combination – the pCon.planner supports your dreams and imaginations in the context of interior design.

PDF Comparator is a must for graphic designers. When you get deep in a project and realize you have more PDFs than you can count, PDF Comparator allows you to quickly skim the versions and review what changes have been made. It is invaluable in the rush of production.

What used to take hours to check and was still subject to user error is now brilliantly and flawlessly accomplished in minutes.

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