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Gerry Rafferty was a popular music giant at the end of the ’70s, thanks to the song “Baker Street” and the album City to City. His career long predated that fixture of Top 40 radio, however; indeed, by the time he cut “Baker Street” Rafferty had already been a member of two successful groups, the Humblebums and Stealers Wheel.

Here you have a karaoke I have uploaded, enjoy singing along with this one called Right Down the Line, one of my favorites ever.

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Puniz, a site for download youtube videos in FLV, MP4 and 3GP format the easy way, just type in the name of the song, or the artist and that´s it…

You can play the song before downloading, very good option.

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PDF Comparator is a must for graphic designers. When you get deep in a project and realize you have more PDFs than you can count, PDF Comparator allows you to quickly skim the versions and review what changes have been made. It is invaluable in the rush of production.

What used to take hours to check and was still subject to user error is now brilliantly and flawlessly accomplished in minutes.

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Welcome to Vector Valley

The main objective is collecting quality vectors in one place and available for free download.

We are collecting quality vector artworks in the formats of EPS, AI, CDR, SVG.

Vector Valley  having the following features:
1. Vector Artwork Gallery
2. Vector Tutorials
3. Illustrators Profile + Artwork + Website + Interview
4. Network which is linking with other Vector Sites

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Dropbox is a newcomer still in beta testing that has some welcome features despite its simplicity. Like other synchronizers, it requires that you download and install software; but it is easy and fast and un­-like the others, it has almost no user interface. All it has is a tray icon that you click to see a pop-up window with one command for launching the Web site and another for opening an Explorer window to the Dropbox folder installed in your Documents folder.

The majority of your file syncing and sharing happens through the folder. You drag files and folders there to have Dropbox automatically upload them to the servers (beta testers get 2GB of free storage; in the future only 1GB will be free). You can also share files by transferring them to and from the Dropbox folder. If you upload a file that isn’t in the Dropbox folder directly to the Dropbox site, a copy will appear–you guessed it–in your local Dropbox folder.

Although having a single place to drop your files for syncing can be conveni­ent, Dropbox makes it mandatory, not an option like SugarSync‘s Magic Briefcase folder. Being required to keep all your shared, backed-up, and synced files in a single folder is an annoyance that Dropbox’s makers promise to correct in a future version.


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  • Necklace Holder ·: i like to always sing on karaoke bars because it is very exciting to sing in front of many people _
  • Marizmendi: Sharon Unfortunately, I dont have more karaoke songs from this artist, this is the only one I have, but a I have tons or more karaoke songs for other
  • Sharon: I am trying to find Karaoke tracks for several Gerry Rafferty songs and of course am willing to pay for them. Other song's I'm looking for are from t